The Willochra Home Restricted Visiting Hours Letter


Dear Family Members and Representatives,

Since the Premier of SA has opened our borders and the new strain of COVID-19 (Omicron) on the 24th of November, we have been monitoring on a daily basis and watching how quickly this virus is spreading.

We are now restricting visiting hours to “The Willochra Home”.

  • Visiting hours: 1pm – 4pm ONLY (effective immediately).
  • Limit of only 2 visitors per day.
  • Families are now asked to please reduce outings with their loved ones, unless for a medical appointment.
  • We are also asking that family members, understand and respect this decision and will abide with the above, without annoyance.

We understand this maybe an inconvenience for everyone but with the rapid spread of this virus in the area, we are working hard to maintain the safety of everyone in the home.

We have been Rapid Antigen Testing our residents over the Christmas period and we are now required to report this to the SA Health site, with names, DOB and whether Negative or Positive.

Please remain safe and well through this difficult time of the unawareness, with hope that we will all have an enjoyable outcome to this illness soon.

With any changes to any of the above, I will again contact you via letter.

Please feel free to contact me for any clarification.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards,

Leonie Gibbons

Residential Care Manager

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