Feedback and Complaints

We value all Feedback and Complaints at The Willochra Home.

Feedback and Complaints

The Willochra Home aims to continually improve the care and services to our Residents.

When a suggestion for improvement is received, it is considered by the Management and Committees for benefit to the home and, if possible/plausible, actioned. The improvement is then monitored and evaluated for effectiveness and feedback is given to the person making the suggestion.

When a complaint is received, the Management will investigate as soon as possible/practical.

All investigations will be documented in the comments and complaints register through CompliSpace.

Where necessary, the Board of Management will be informed of the complaint.

The Willochra Home values all feedback and complaints, and we encourage you to utilise our new Feedback and Complaints platform with CompliSpace. Click on the link and follow the prompts, and Admin will be notified of your submission. 

Please click on the button below which takes you to the external Feedback and Complaints form in CompliSpace.