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Dear Mr Gavin Tyndale

The Commission is committed to provide greater transparency of information about the performance of aged care services to support consumer choice and drive improvements in the quality and safety of aged care services.  From 1 July 2020, for the first time, consumers will be able to see, the compliance status of residential services in an accessible and comparable format, through a Service Compliance Rating on My Aged Care.

Service Compliance Rating from 1 July 2020

The Department of Health in partnership with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission), developed the Service Compliance Rating in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, including senior Australians, their care givers, the aged care sector and Provider and Consumer peak bodies over a period of two years.  

The ratings are fair to providers as they are based on existing processes and decisions of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and signify a service’s compliance status. Changes to ratings will be timely to ensure that ratings are up to date; they will be published shortly after the Commission publishes its regulatory decisions.  

Once the site is live on My Aged Care, each service will receive a dot rating out of four, based on their current compliance status, using the following criteria:

Dot rating Reason for ratingDescription of rating on My Aged Care website
Four-dots••••   No areas for improvement identified in the most recent quality assessmentMeets requirements
Three-dots•••   Areas for improvement identified in the most recent quality assessmentSome improvements needed
Two-dots••   Current non-compliance noticeSignificant improvements needed
One-dot•   Current sanction or notice to agreeInadequate

Other information about the performance of the service to be published with the service compliance rating

A summary of the residential service’s most recent assessment by the Commission against the Aged Care Quality Standards will also be published.

Where available, a consumer feedback report will also be published to show what consumers have said about the service.


Your current Service Compliance Rating(s)

Our records indicate that for The Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in the Diocese of Willochra Incorporated, current Service Compliance Rating for your service is as listed below. (Noting that the ratings that appear on the new website may be different if there has been a change to the service’s compliance status).

Name of ServiceCurrent StatusRating
The Willochra Home 6097Meets requirements●●●●

Where you can find this information now

My Aged care website (

  • Non-Compliance Notices
  • Sanctions

Further information is currently available on the Commission website ( for:

  • Current performance reports from quality assessments
  • Directions To Revise a Plan For Continuous Improvement
  • Notice To Agree

How can a provider improve the Service Compliance rating?

Providers should focus on addressing areas of non-compliance with respect to their aged care services to ensure that expected standards of care and responsibilities as a provider are met.

The Service Compliance Rating will be updated once the Commission is satisfied that the service has returned to compliance. This will move the Service Compliance Rating to a four-dot rating. In most cases this will be based on evidence considered by the Commission at the end of a compliance management plan, or where there is a sanction, at expiry of the sanction period.

Will there be an enduring record of a Service Compliance Rating?

The My Aged Care Website displays 3 years’ worth of compliance history, both active and archived including the Service Compliance Rating.

Further information

For information or queries related to regulatory activity or a service’s compliance status, you can contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

We are pleased to be taking this important step in partnership with the Department of Health and will continue to work with the sector to enhance the information that is publicly available on the quality and safety of care and services for aged care consumers.  

Yours sincerely 

Janet Anderson


24 June 2020

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