Changes to Visiting Hours

8th of April 2022

Changes to the visiting hours and requirements:

As of the 8th of April we will no longer be in precautionary lockdown.

– Visiting hours will be strictly 11am – 3pm only with maximum of 2 visitors per day.
– It will be a requirement that, any visitor to the facility will have to supply and attend to a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test), ONSITE, prior to visiting and the proof needs to be shown to the RN on duty to gain entry.
– Residents who leave the facility, will be required to take a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test), on return to the facility and 72 hours post return and also have 4 hourly vitals attended.
– All staff are now testing with RAT (Rapid Antigen Tests), prior to commencement of all shifts regardless of where they work in the facility.

We are also asking that all visitor’s, understand and respect this decision and abide with the above, without annoyance.

Please remain safe and well through this difficult time of the unawareness.

Kind regard

Leonie Gibbons

Residential Care Manager

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